Faculty Development & Mentoring

As a national leader in mentoring, the University of Southern California is fully committed to cultivating this practice across all levels of the university. This commitment is demonstrated by the successful establishment of mentoring programs and activities for junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduates.

In making mentoring part of the culture at the University of Southern California, each school and several central university units have instituted mentoring programs and activities to foster the success of faculty and students.

Each year the University of Southern California recognizes faculty members across the university who have demonstrated a commitment to mentoring through the prestigious USC Mentoring Awards program and the Provost’s Mentoring Award.

Office of the Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs, in conjunction with the University Committee on Appointments, Promotion and Tenure, hosts a number of workshops for faculty each academic year to provide transparency and guidance on the tenure process.

A compilation of tools and guidance on best practices that several schools and campus units have made available for faculty mentors, faculty mentees, department chairs, and faculty who mentor students to help facilitate and enhance mentoring relationships.

Please visit diversity.usc.edu for more information.

From 2008 to 2015, USC partnered with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to build on its previous achievements in integrating mentoring practices throughout the large and complex research university. This effort was founded on three insights: First, mentoring will thrive only if it becomes part of the culture. Second, the faculty is the key constituency in securing long-term change in the university. Third, mentoring will thrive as faculty increasingly understand that it is a key tool for academic success.

Last updated January 2024