Campus Organizations for Faculty

The following are just a few of the many organizations on campus available to faculty to find a community of colleagues with like-minded interests. To include your organization on this list, please write to

USC Asian Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association

The Asian Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association (APIFSA) was formed in April 2021 in response to the increase in anti-API hatred and violence reported around the country. Our mission is to create a safe space and a strong voice to advocate for API faculty and staff across the USC community.

USC Black Staff & Faculty Caucus

The purpose of the University of Southern California Black Staff and Faculty Caucus/BSFC is to accomplish a positive working relationship between the University’s Black staff, faculty and students; to assure constructive institutional change as it relates to Black staff and faculty development; to develop expertise in the area of affirmative action as it relates to hiring, retention and promotion of Black staff and faculty; and to contribute toward the development of harmony and good will among and between the diverse elements and groups within the University.

USC Latino Forum

The USC Latino Forum has historically served as the voice of Latino Faculty and Staff at the University of Southern California since 1987. We gather several times a semester for social, academic and intellectual events that celebrate and stimulate conversations around what it means to be Latino at USC in Los Angeles and in the United States as the demographics continue to shift around us.

LGBTQ Faculty & Staff Alliance at USC

The LGBTQ Alliance aims to provide a network that explores, promotes and supports the personal and professional issues related to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer employees at USC.

USC Student Religious Organizations

The Trojan Family is as diverse in faith, belief and philosophy of life as it is in other regards. There are over 80 different student religious organizations on campus, representing almost every major world faith; you’re invited to attend meetings of any and all of them. Many of the organizations are open to staff and faculty.

USC Women in Management

The purpose of Women in Management is to provide a forum for communication, professional development, and career opportunities for women at USC.

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

WiSE administers a variety of grant programs and organizes events and workshops aimed at faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as high school and middle school girls. These programs have been developed to encourage women to select USC as an institution in which to study, conduct research, and develop successful careers.

Last updated June 2022