For International Faculty


Office of USC Faculty/Staff Visa Services (FSVS)

The Office of USC Faculty/Staff Visa Services provides specialized services required to facilitate the hiring of international employees, and provides a centralized resource for information regarding immigration and the hiring process.

Get Help with Immigration Questions

For International Faculty Outside the U.S.

It is recommended that you notify your hiring liaison, if possible, at least six months in advance prior to entry into the U.S. Your liaison will work with the Office of Faculty/Staff Visa Services to obtain the required visa.

For International Faculty Already in the U.S.

As soon as possible, please notify your hiring liaison to begin the process to change your status or change your employer.

Important Deadlines for New Faculty Hires

For most teaching positions, the U.S. Government has an 18-month deadline for permanent residence sponsorship. The countdown begins from the date of the offer letter, not when the offer letter is signed. Requests for permanent residence sponsorship by USC must go through the Office of Faculty/Staff Visa Services. Please contact your school’s dean of faculty office to learn your school’s procedures for initiating the request.