Teaching Policies


The Faculty Handbook is the university’s governing document for many policies and procedures pertaining to faculty. All faculty are expected to be familiar with its contents:

  • Section 3-B(2) provides general guidelines on every faculty member’s academic and professional responsibilities, including teaching obligations.
  • Section 3-C provides information on every faculty member’s responsibility to students.
  • Section 3-I provides guidelines on the outside activities of faculty members.
  • Section 6 provides guidelines on the integrity of the academic environment, including the university’s policy against discrimination, harassment and retaliation.


The University’s specific policy for all courseware covers course syllabi, the expressive content of digital teaching media, CDROMs, courses delivered by television, video, Internet or other media or technologies not yet developed, web publications, and any other materials created for the purposes of teaching or instruction or to support the teaching of a course.


Information about complying with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) can be found on the web site for the Office of Academic Records and Registrar.


SCampus is the university’s student guidebook and provides guidance on the policies and procedures that govern the relationship of students with the university, including the university student conduct code and academic policies.


The Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards in the Office of Student Affairs is responsible for investigating allegations of academic misconduct. The office provides publications on:

Last updated October 2022