Teaching-track and Research-track Faculty Profiles

Note: This information below was published on October 18, 2016.

Teaching-track faculty

Full-time teaching faculty are engaged primarily in teaching and instructional-related activities, including education-related committee service, meetings, and professional development, and are not usually required to produce scholarly research in the academic discipline in which they teach. However, if a faculty member so chooses, disciplinary research activities can constitute up to 10% of the faculty member’s profile and, if so, will inform merit reviews, promotion, or retention decisions. Teaching faculty who choose not to conduct disciplinary research will not be penalized for its absence in their evaluations. An individual’s choice to undertake such research will not reduce the teaching expectation, unless the school agrees to do so. A minimum of 75% of the effort profile for teaching faculty is expected to be teaching-related activities. The remainder of the effort profile should be devoted to service at the departmental, school, and/or university level, and the aforementioned disciplinary research, for example, a profile of 10% research/80% teaching/10% service. For teaching faculty who do not do research, a common profile is 0% research/80% teaching/20% service.

Profiles may be different in artistic disciplines where ongoing creative activity may be required as part of the activity profile of teaching-track faculty.

Research-track faculty

Full-time research faculty are engaged primarily in conducting research, usually on external funding, and may engage only in limited teaching. Research faculty may with the approval of their dean teach one 3-4 unit course in any academic year. Additional teaching requires prior approval from the Provost upon recommendation from the dean and demonstration of special circumstances. For research faculty who are teaching, their instructional performance will inform merit review, promotion, or retention decisions. Research faculty who choose not to teach will not be penalized for this absence in their evaluations. For any research faculty member supported by external funding, at least 5% of the activity profile should be set aside for service, supported by non-grant funds, to account for effort spent writing new proposals and other activities outside the scope of the external support. A minimum of 75% of the effort profile for research faculty is expected to be research-related activities. The remainder of the effort profile can be devoted to service at the departmental, school, and/or university level (including professional development), and the aforementioned teaching, for example a profile of 80% research/10% teaching/10% service. For research faculty who do not engage in teaching, a common profile is 95% research/0% teaching/5% service.


All faculty, on every track, full-time and part-time, are eligible to participate in shared governance by serving on committees or other governance bodies to which they are elected or appointed and by attending faculty meetings according to the customs of the academic unit. For part-time faculty paid hourly, such service should be discussed in advance with the dean or chair, should be reported by the individual when performed, and, if the service effort exceeds the profile allocation, will be paid in addition to the contract amount.

Administrative assignments

The activity profile and compensation of teaching-track and research-track faculty who have an administrative appointment will be taken into consideration during the one-step-up consulting process. Although deans have discretion in structuring these appointments, individual faculty profiles must be consistent with school and University policies and procedures.

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