Retirement Choices: Immediate and Phased Retirement


Retirement is a personal decision. The process begins when faculty decide upon a time frame or date to retired. The two options for retirement are to retire at once or on a specific date and phased retirement. Phased retirement allows for a gradual reduction in activity and obligations for a corresponding reduction in salary; the phased retirement agreement should be discussed with the faculty member’s dean or dean designate and is subject to the approval of the dean and the Provost. During phased retirement, faculty may reduce their effort to as lows as 50% and or up a two year period. Phased retirement is outlined in the Faculty Handbook (Section 10-B).

To assist with retirement, Debbie Jones, Faculty Retirement Navigator is located in the Office of the Executive Vice Provost. Ms. Jones is available for confidential inquiries and appointments. She may be reached by calling (213) 740-7641 or by writing


The honorary designation of Emerita or Emeritus status is conferred by the President upon the recommendation of the faculty member’s department or equivalent academic unit and dean. The designation may be awarded to tenured or to full-time non-tenure-track faculty on or after retirement, or be preapproved in contemplation of retirement to be effective upon retirement. Further details can be found in Section 10-A of the Faculty Handbook. Note that remote electronic access to library services is a privilege granted to designated Emeritus/a faculty.


Recognizing that faculty have a wealth of experience, knowledge and service to offer post-retirement to the university, the university leadership encourages the active participation of retired faculty in academic life in whatever capacity best suits the faculty member, department and school. Retired faculty may continue to be involved in research, teaching, advising and service for as long as the terms are mutually agreed to by all parties involved and with the Provost’s approval. For further details, see Section 10-C of the Faculty Handbook.

Last updated October 2022