Dual Career Assistance

In order to create and retain outstanding faculty, USC recognizes and actively supports the needs of dual career spouses and partners. We understand that a partner’s ability to find suitable employment is often a key factor in the recruitment process and the couple’s decision to choose USC and their professional home. Faculty candidates at the University who are seeking work, both and academic and non-academic, may receive job search assistance.

How the Program Works

Candidates are referred to Debbie Jones, Dual Career Coordinator by Deans, Department Chairs, or the lead recruiter in the faculty search. Candidates are encouraged to contact Ms. Jones directly to introduce themselves.  The initial consultation may be by phone or appointment.  Once the goal and type of desired work is established, Ms. Jones works in tandem with the applicant in searching for opportunities.  Ms. Jones is located in the Office of the Executive Vice Provost and may be reached by phone (213) 740-7641 or email jonesdeb@usc.edu.

Services Available

Dual Career Assistance is available to faculty spouses or partners seeking both academic and non-academic employment, whether it be at USC or in the community at large.

  • Pre-offer spousal or partner consultations
  • Job search assistance
  • Networking on your behalf
  • Access to job openings at the university
  • Resume Assistance
  • Out sourced job placement services, when approved.

The most important part of the job search is each candidate’s personal effort. Dual Career assistance is meant to augment the employment search, not to replace it.

Academic Positions are challenging to secure; applicants are advised to share the employment goals of the spouse or partner as early as possible in the hiring process. Time to evaluate, negotiate and secure a second academic opportunity is of upmost importance.  Once the spouse or partner’s employment goals are known, the Dean or Dual Career Consultant investigate possible opportunities. If a match or potential opportunity exists, the spouse or partner is then introduced to the department. The ability to place a spouse or partner is dependent upon the availability of positions, departmental priorities, and the competitiveness of the application.  While placement is enhanced and encouraged, employment is not guaranteed.  To support hiring of dual career spouses or partner, the Provost may provide competitive funding to partially support hiring within departments or between schools at USC.

If candidates choose not to include the spousal hire in the primary hire’s negotiations, they may contact Debbie Jones, Dual Career Consultant for confidential consultations to inquire of potential opportunities.  If an academic match is not available at USC, Ms. Jones may assist in searching for opportunities in the greater Los Angeles area. Ms. Jones is located in the Office of the Executive Vice Provost and may be reached by phone (213) 740-7641 or email jonesdeb@usc.edu. All inquiries and conversations are confidential.

Searches include, but are not limited to the following institutions.

  • UCLA, UCI, UC Riverside
  • Various private colleges
  • LA Community College District
  • Various independent community colleges

Non-Academic Positions searches are supported in various ways. Prospective candidates are encouraged to see available postings on the USC portal, (https://usccareers.usc.edu/search-jobs). If a desirable position is identified, please let the Dual Career Consultant know. We will alert the hiring manager of your application and request enhanced consideration. Note however, that your application will be considered in the context of the applicant pool and employment is not guaranteed.  Candidates are encouraged to search in the open market as well.  For some newly recruited faculty, job-services may be secured by an outside placement firm. This opportunity may be addressed during the hiring process or with your chair. Lastly, Southern California HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium) resources are available, https://www.hercjobs.org/southern_california/Dual-Career. This service provides job listings, community information in addition to a portal specific to Dual Career strategies and support.


Spouses or partners of newly recruited full-time faculty are eligible for dual career assistance, but current faculty partners are also eligible for assistance.

A spouse or partner of newly recruited faculty or of current faculty may seek job placement assistance.   Priority will be given to faculty whose spouse or partner has been employed at USC for less than one year. Note that while efforts are made to secure employment, job placements are not guaranteed. Faculty in the recruitment process, are encouraged to discuss dual career objectives as soon as possible in the hiring process. Please contact Debbie Jones, the Dual Career Consultant for confidential advice or inquiries. Ms. Jones is located in the Office of the Executive Vice Provost and may be reached by phone (213) 740-7641 or email jonesdeb@usc.edu. All inquiries and conversations are confidential.


Debbie Jones
Dual Career Consultant
Office of the Executive Vice Provost
Tel: (213) 740-7641
Email: jonesdeb@usc.edu

Last updated June 2022