The Academic Program Review process consists of on-going, high quality, peer reviews of all degree programs offered at USC. The purpose is to foster academic excellence at all levels, to determine how to raise quality to a higher level, and to provide guidance for administrative decisions in support of continued future improvement. The University Committee on Academic Review (UCAR) oversees the academic program review process.

Academic program reviews at USC have the following characteristics:

  • Reviews provide a concise, honest appraisal of an academic program’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reviews are forward looking. While assessment of a program’s current status is important, priorities for continued future improvement are of greatest concern.
  • Reviews are evaluative, not just descriptive. Plans for improvement require academic judgments about the quality of the faculty, academic program(s), students, curricula, resources and future directions.
  • Reviews incorporate expert assessment provided by reviewers from the best programs in the field at other leading universities and by faculty from other programs at USC.

Under the leadership of Suzanne L. Wenzel, Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs, the Office of Academic Affairs supports the university’s commitment to academic excellence by promoting rigorous and innovative programs that attract and retain the best graduate and undergraduate students — equipping them with disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth — and by cultivating a vibrant and diverse intellectual community at USC. Academic Affairs advances the provost’s academic priorities, supports cross-school educational initiatives, and conducts academic program reviews. The office includes the Graduate School, Undergraduate Programs, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, and the Center of Excellence in Teaching.

Donna Garcia

The Director for Academic Affairs manages the Academic Program Review process, serves as a point of contact for Online Programs and the Faculty Application Manager.

Phone: (213) 740-9584
E-mail: dlgarcia@usc.edu

Last updated on January 2024