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2014 USC Mellon Mentoring Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2014 USC Mellon Mentoring Awards!

Photo by: Ziva Santop/ Steve Cohn Photography
Photo by: Ziva Santop/ Steve Cohn Photography

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Dallas Willard, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

In 2007-2008, USC embarked on a six year partnership with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to build on the successes already achieved with the goal of integrating mentoring throughout this large and complex research university. This effort is founded on three insights: First, mentoring will thrive only if it becomes part of the culture. Second, the faculty is the key constituency in securing long-term change in the university. Third, mentoring will thrive as faculty increasingly understand that it is the key tool for academic success.

Excellence in faculty mentoring is recognized with the Provost’s Mentoring Award and the USC Mellon Mentoring Awards. Once a semester, school representative gather as members of the Mellon Mentoring Forum to share best practices as well as provide oversight in the development of school-based mentoring programs and activities to nurture the development and empowerment of the faculty.