Undergraduate Program Review

The University of Southern California is committed to high quality, ongoing review of all undergraduate degree programs. The purpose of the reviews is to ensure continuous quality improvement in teaching, learning, curricular and co-curricular offerings, student services, and student outcomes.

Consistent with USC’s decentralized institutional context and culture of faculty governance, USC has a federated model in which academic units administer the review processes in alignment with the university-wide guidelines described below. These guidelines provide a baseline of academic objectives for all reviews while allowing units latitude to add components and tailor the process to their varied academic contexts.

In order to ensure continuity across the university, all reviews are submitted to the University Committee on Academic Review (UCAR). As the university-wide committee that collects all academic program reviews, UCAR provides a direct line of report to the Provost. The sole exception to this model is General Education. The Provost initiates GE reviews.

All undergraduate degree programs should be reviewed not less than once every seven years, including reviews conducted through professional accreditation organizations. It is further recommended that, when feasible, undergraduate program reviews occur the year prior to Ph.D. program reviews administered through UCAR. In consultation with the Office of the Provost, deans may consider exceptions to these recommendations. Undergraduate degree programs that reviewed regularly by their professional accreditor are not expected to perform additional internal reviews.



Review Cycle

Last updated September 2020