Office of the Executive Vice Provost

Elizabeth A. Graddy
Executive Vice Provost
(213) 740‑6715

Academic and Faculty Affairs Staff

Brigid Balcom
Associate Vice Provost
(213) 821-4546

Janette Brown
Assistant Vice Provost, Emeriti Center
(213) 740‑7121

Ginger Clark
Associate Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs; Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching
(213) 740‑3959

Debora Chan-Southwell
Director of Faculty Policies and Procedures
(213) 740‑6725

Julie-Ann Elliston
Executive Secretary
(213) 740‑6715
Marissa Fortuno
Faculty Affairs Coordinator
(213) 740-6715

Donna Garcia
Director of Academic Affairs
(213) 740‑9584

Leana Golubchik
WISE Director and Professor
(213) 740‑4524

Deborah Jones
Faculty Retirement Navigator
(213) 740‑7641

Jacob Kroeze
Program Analyst III
(213) 740‑3487

Marie Stefanie Meneses
Marketing Assistant, WiSE

Ellen Nagamine
Office Manager, Center for Excellence in Teaching
(213) 740‑3959

Michael B. Nichol
Associate Vice Provost of Online Education
(213) 740‑2355

Mallory Redel
Program Administrator, WiSE
(213) 740‑0996

Robin Romans
Associate Vice Provost
(213) 740‑2101

Heather Rosoff
Director, Data and Policy Analysis
(213) 740‑4343

Katherine Steinbach
Director of Faculty Administration
(213) 740‑6722

Ingrid Steiner
Assistant Director of Arts & Humanities Faculty Development, Center for Excellence in Teaching
(213) 821-6048

Omar Villa
Special Events Program Manager
(213) 740‑9563

Jonathan Wang
Project Manager
(213) 740‑6715

Campus Wellbeing and Crisis Intervention

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Last updated March 2022