Academic and Faculty Affairs Staff


Elizabeth Graddy
Executive Vice Provost, Academic and Faculty Affairs
(213) 740‑6715


Janette Brown
Assistant Vice Provost for Emeriti Center
(213) 740‑7121


Dan Carino
Senior Manager for Postdoctoral Affairs
(213) 740-5485


Debora Chan-Southwell
Manager of Policies and Procedures
(213) 740‑6725


Donna Garcia
Associate Director for Academic Affairs
(213) 740‑9584 |

Donna Garcia manages the Academic Program Review process, serves as a point of the contact for Online Programs, and the Faculty Application Manager.

Leana Golubchik
WISE Director and Professor
(213) 740‑4524 |

Leana is the director of the Women in Science and Engineering Program and Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering-Systems in the Viterbi School of Engineering.

David Haugland
Associate Vice Provost
(213) 740‑2545


Dana Irwin
Manager for Tenure and Promotion
(213) 740‑6715


Deborah Jones
Faculty Retirement Navigator
(213) 740‑7641


Jacob Kroeze
Program Analyst III
(213) 740‑3487 |

Jacob coordinates and programs data flow, data transformation for a research database, and changes to the Faculty Application Manager.

Jacob Laux
Administrative Assistant II
(213) 740‑6715


Mallory Redel | Program Administrator
(213) 740‑0996 |

Mallory manages program development, disbursement of fellowships and grants, coordination of committees, and the day-to-day administrative operations of the Women in Science and Engineering Program.

Robin Romans | Associate Vice Provost
(213) 740‑2101 |

Robin oversees the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, the International Artist Fellowship, Visions & Voices, and the Progressive Degree programs.  Manages strategic planning, represents the Provost on the University Committee on Curriculum, and serves as USC’s accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO).

Omar Villa | Special Events Program Coordinator
(213) 740‑9563 |

Omar plans and directs special events and programs for the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs. He also provides support to the Provost Office, Emeriti Center, Undergraduate Programs, Graduate School, Society of Fellows, and selected university-wide committees.


Andrea Hodge
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs
(213) 740‑4225


Jef Aquino
Lead Academic Advisor
(213) 740-1741


Trista Beard | Associate Director
(213) 740‑1743 |

Trista’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the Norman Topping Student Aid Fund (NTSAF) Exceptional Funding Program, implementation of retention programs for the Fund, and offering comprehensive academic advising and holistic support of first-generation college students.

Juliana Calhoun | Student Programs Advisor II
(213) 740‑7177 |

As the Assistant Director/Learning Specialist in the Kortschak Center For Learning and Creativity, I assist students whom learn differently in discovering how best they individually learn, stay motivated, and can self-regulate in areas such as study skills, time management, organization and more.

Katie Capra | Associate Director for Undergraduate Programs
(213) 740‑9116 |

Katie, along with her colleagues in AHF, helps to educate the USC community about university awards and competitive fellowships. Her primary role is to mentor high-achieving, motivated students and recent alumni in their pursuit of these opportunities.

Heather Cartagena
Assistant Director for Undergraduate Programs
(213) 821‑3902

Willa Erickson
Program Coordinator
(213) 740-1741

David Glasgow
Assistant Vice Provost
(213) 740‑6146


Jeanne Herman
Lead Academic Advisor
(213) 740‑5489


Denise Kwok
Director of Kortschak Center
(213) 821‑3075


Josephine Le
Lead Academic Advisor
(213) 740-1741


Andy Liang | Assitant Director for Undergraduate Programs
(213) 740-9116 |

Andy helps to educate the USC community about university awards and competitive fellowships. He advises merit scholarship students, including Mork, Stamps, Trustee and Presidential scholars, and oversees the Trojan Scholars Society student organization.

Erica Lovano McCann | Director of Academic Honors and Fellowships
(213) 740‑6680 |

Erica, along with her colleagues in AHF, helps to educate the USC community about university awards and competitive fellowships. Her primary role is to mentor high-achieving, motivated students and recent alumni in their pursuit of these opportunities.

Althea Myrie
Administrative Services Manager
(213) 740‑1367

Janice Schafrik
Clinical Staff Psychologist
(213) 740‑0776

Janice Schafrik
Clinical Staff Psychologist
(213) 740‑0776

Patricia Tobey
Research Director
(213) 740‑7884


Sally Pratt
Vice Provost for Graduate Programs
(213) 740‑8867


Ashley Brooks | Program Specialist
(213) 740‑8509 |

Ashley helps USC’s schools and programs increase diversity, create a more inclusive and supportive graduate culture, build new pathways to bring highly qualified underrepresented students to USC and support graduate students as they move toward their professional goals.

Alesia Calhoun
Administrative Manager
(213) 740‑9033 |

Alesia organizes and manages the day-to-day departmental administrative and operation functions for The Graduate School, Office of the Provost.

Geoffrey Chu | Programmer Analyst IV
(213) 740-7608 |

Geoffrey designs, develops and implement software systems at the USC Graduate School.


Meredith Drake Reitan
Associate Dean of Graduate Fellowships
(213) 740‑9037


Samuel Mantell
(213) 740-9033


Kamille Mosqueda |Project Specialist – Administrative
(213) 740‑8078 |

Kamille Mosqueda is part of the IT/Data team at the Graduate School. His main responsibilities include managing external users of the various web applications hosted by the Graduate School; internally, he works with the engineering team tasked with developing and maintaining these web applications.

Kate Tegmeyer
Administrative Assistant II
(213) 740‑9037


Laura Yoneda
Associate Dean
(213) 740‑9059



Ginger Clark | Center for Excellence in Teaching Director
(213) 740‑3959 |

Ginger serves as a liaison between the Vice Provost’s office and the schools on policies and practices for RTPC faculty. She is also responsible for elevating the stature of teaching by leading efforts to develop incentive structures, criteria for excellence in teaching, and resources for faculty development in teaching.

Katherine Guevara
Instructional Designer
(213) 740‑8823 |

Katie supports faculty and programs through consultations, workshops, and resource creation that promote best practices in pedagogy and course design, and improve quality and effectiveness of instruction.

Nathan Hauenstein
Office Technology Coordinator
(213) 740-3959


Robert Sweeney | Instructional Designer
(213) 821‑6108 |

Bob works with faculty and programs to improve the quality and effectiveness of instruction through collaboration on course design, pedagogical consultation, and workshops.


Last updated October 30, 2018.