Robert English

Photo by Steve Cohn Photography
Photo by: Steve Cohn Photography

USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

My path to USC was doubtless more varied and perhaps rather more adventurous than that of most colleagues teaching world affairs. Pentagon program analyst and arms control specialist on Capitol Hill, business translator and news photographer in Moscow, and a few other positions to boot. I’ve been the research assistant to the former Director of the CIA, and the personal interpreter to one of the most notorious Russian oligarchs.

In short, I’ve had some experience that I’m thrilled to share with my students—whether it’s stories that lend insight into the real workings of the Russian economy, or advice to help aspiring young foreign-policy analysts launch their careers. The time I spend helping students in this fashion could not be better spent. They soak it up, and I am thrilled to have something unique and useful to offer. As much as my experience might help them, their enthusiasm energizes me even more. Nothing could be more rewarding!