Henry M. Koffman

Photo by: Steve Cohn Photography
Photo by: Steve Cohn Photography

USC Viterbi School of Engineering

College mentoring is an extension of parenting. It provides great benefits to both the Mentor and protégé.
The Mentor benefits by sharing their knowledge and experience thereby receiving high personal gratification in helping students solve their problems. Also, it provides an opportunity to examine their own values and improve their quality of life. They can learn from their protégé.

The protégé benefits by sage advice in adjusting to the many problems in college life. Usually, college students are struggling to find their goals and objectives and then trying to achieve them. In most cases, they are away from their parents and need an adult figure they can trust to share their concerns and problems. Of course, it is important to have the right “chemistry” so they can be completely honest with one another. I personally take great pleasure in helping my students build their career in Engineering. I stress the importance of academic success and the great benefits of Graduate School. I provide employment opportunities; internships while they are still in school and permanent positions upon graduation. I help them with both their personal and professional problems based on my own industry experience and academic career. I share with them my own mistakes, errors, problems, etc and what my solutions were. My biggest payoff is to witness their results and growth, especially when they come back after a few years of graduation. This is priceless.